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wedding videography

an important investment sometimes overlooked

I may be biased but I personally believe that wedding videography is the best investment a bride and groom can make when it comes to their wedding. After the wedding day has passed and the dust has settled the only true way to jump back in and re-evoke those emotions you felt on your wedding day is through wedding videography. I specialise in high-quality wedding videography - wedding films that will age gracefully and look beautiful in years to come.

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Wedding videos can become heirlooms to hand down for generations to come. That's why you'll want your wedding videos to look tasteful and beautiful even in 30 or 40 years' time. I combine a balanced approach of remaining unobtrusive to your day while still capturing beautiful wedding videography. Through my experience I'm able to anticipate as moments unfold and capture these as creatively as possible.

wedding videography, ashridge house, wedding videographer
wedding videography, ashridge house, wedding videographer

consistent and unrivaled wedding video results

My approach to wedding videography is simplicity: I travel light without lots of camera equipment. This allows me to move quickly as your day progresses and to document the true atmosphere as you felt it on the day.

wedding videography

choosing the right wedding videography for you

1. There are so many different wedding videography styles, pick one you really love.

2. Look through the portfolios of different wedding videographers and get a feel for the consistency of their work.

3. Setup a call. Reach out and discuss your wedding plans in more detail. This is also a great opportunity to get to know them and ask them about how they usually work on the day.

4. Build a package around your needs: most wedding videographers will tailor a package for your day.

5. Pick a wedding videographer who has a similar style to your photographer so they can work in tandem on the day.

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