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Helen & Daniel’s Wedding at Trevenna Barns

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Wow, Helen and Daniel’s wedding venue choice was absolutely stunning, Trevenna Barn’s in Cornwall. We travelled down as their wedding videographers the day prior to their wedding and we were so excited seeing the venue on arrival. Trevenna Barns has some amazing views of the Cornish countryside, it is really an amazing setting for a wedding, and we were super excited to be filming their wedding. They had hired the Trevenna Barns exclusively, everything was held at the same location which is nice and saves on logistics between different venues. Bride and groom preparation locations were so close together I could easily pop between Helen and Daniel in the morning whilst they’re wedding preparations were underway. Allowing me to capture some lovely wedding preparation shots of them as the morning anticipation and as the excitement grew. They decided on a beautiful outdoor ceremony which was literally 50 metres away from their wedding preparations.

When we were looking around the trevenna barns the day prior I’d noticed a beautiful spot for a bridal portrait of Helen. It was a staircase next to the room she was having her wedding preparations in. The staircase had a double skylight window and lots of sunlight was spilling in. I knew this would be an pretty location to shoot her after she was all ready for the ceremony.

After the ceremony we headed down the road with photographer – Ross Talling for some alone time with Helen & Daniel. The views were absolutely stunning, again the Cornwall countryside did not disappoint. Take a look at their wedding film below.

If your looking for a wedding videographer in Cornwall, we’d love to know more about your wedding plans. We love filming weddings in Cornwall, its a magical place.

Helen & Daniel’s Feedback

“Zade was so helpful at making us feel relaxed and making the videography enjoyable. Very professional and compliments were made by our guests about him too. We would definitely recommend him to any friends or family”