wedding video, 10 reasons why you should have wedding video
wedding video, why you should have a wedding video, wedding film

Deciding on whether to have a wedding video may not be on the top of the agenda when thinking about what to book for your wedding. But from experience I want to let you know that hiring a wedding videographer and having a wedding film will likely be the best decision you make after the wedding day has passed and your memories begin to fade.

So here are 10 reasons why you should definitely go for it and have a wedding video:

1. You are able to see what each other get up to on the morning of the wedding, which would otherwise not be possible (No one wants to spoil the surprise before that famous aisle walk!) You’re able to feel the emotional and anticipation that your future wife or husband to be is going through. The father of the bride first look, the groomsmen getting ready, all of this can be captured through film artistically and it’s a great way of seeing what you each got up to on the monrning of your wedding.

2. Photographs are awesome for hanging on the wall but there’s nothing like a film to truly climb back into those memories, which may fade overtime. With a wedding video you can feel all of those emotions you felt on your wedding day, and relive them over and over again.

3. It’s not the nicest thought but we don’t all live forever. With a wedding video seeing late relatives as they mingle and laugh during your day will most certainly become priceless. Those heartfelt readings at the ceremony and beautiful anecdotes during the speeches will be greatly cherished as time goes on and those people are no longer with you. You’ll have all of these moments, which means you can revisit them whenever you want.

4. Speaking from experience the wedding day is such an intense and emotional experience, it’s sometimes hard to take it all in! The day seems to go by in a flash and before you know it you’re thinking where did that all go? With a wedding video even when your memories begin to fade, you’ll still have your films.

5. Another great reason for having a wedding video is being able to share your video with friends and family that couldn’t attend on your wedding day. Sometimes it’s really hard to get everyone to your wedding, especially if they live abroad. A wedding video allows you to share your moments with friends and family across the globe.

6. Imagine being able to relive your day through the eyes of a cinematographer, with amazing moments captured beautifully and your unique story told in a timeless way. With the advances in technology your films can look as though they were meant for the big screen! Moving images and beautifully recorded audio make impressions on people, they encapsulate the true spirit of your day.

7. Imagine sitting down with your children in years to come, showing them your wedding videos, allowing your children to see you both in your younger years and share the day all over again with you. A high quality wedding video can become a true heirloom, imagine how you’d feel being able to see your own parents’ and other generations wedding video! This would be an unbelievable experience to share.

8. Having a wedding video means you’ll never regret it! One of my biggest regrets is not having a wedding video for my own wedding believe it or not! I got married 8 years ago and the technology wasn’t as well developed and it just was not possible to have the type of cinematic wedding videos you see available now. But I wish I’d had something to allow me to remember those moments from my wedding day.

9. A cinematic wedding video will wrap together the true atmosphere of your day. With the use of 4k cameras and high quality audio you are able to see the full picture of your wedding day and feel the anticipation from the morning, the aisle shots, the vows, the first kiss, the buzz of the reception with guests enjoying themselves and the evening party. All of these beautifully pieced together create the unique story of your wedding day, wrapped all into a beautiful video.

10. Most professional wedding videographers these days will respect the flow of your day and remain unobtrusive to your wedding. They will likely take more of a documentary approach and not interrupt your day or turn your wedding into a movie set. This means your wedding video will be just as you remember it on the day and unique to you guys.

wedding video, 10 reasons why you should have wedding video
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