Hayley & James’ New York City elopement wedding was pretty special. Wedding preparations were held at Hotel Le Meridien on 57th Street, from the 28th floor the views completely blew me away when I walked in. You could see Central Park in all its glory, surrounded by the urban jungle of New York, with the mist and rain adding the atmosphere.

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Hayley and James met for the first look on 57th Street, just outside their hotel, it was a great moment and I loved how bystanders just passed by as they pottered on in the hustle of everyday New York City life. We then met up with the rest of the wedding party; their wedding was an intimate number of around 30 people, all of which had headed over from the UK. Hayley & James had asked me to capture them as they walked from their hotel to their ceremony location; this was just around the corner at CopCot inside Central Park. This was lovely to capture unobtrusively as they made their way down 57th Street and down 6th Avenue, there were lots of congratulations from everyday bystanders as they passed.

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The ceremony took place inside Cop Cot a small wooden shelter, which was originally built in 1985. A beautiful wooden structure, which is sheltered in trees, a perfect private spot for their intimate wedding ceremony. Hayley & James went for personalised vows, which were beautifully read, to one and another. After the ceremony was complete there were lots of congratulations from family and friends. The plan was to walk over with family and friends to the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue for afternoon tea. A few days before the wedding I’d done a bit of a recce of the area and had found the most perfect portrait spot on a crossing next to central park. The crossing was always on ‘Walk’ so it made it really easy to safely position Hayley & James with a beautiful symmetrical shot of the towering skyscrapers in the background. (See the video for the shot; it was literally my favourite one of the day!)

We then headed over to the Plaza Hotel for Champagne and afternoon tea. The Plaza eludes confidence, history and timeless elegance; an eternally classic hotel in a historic Beaux-Arts building. From the moment you cross the threshold, it’s easy to imagine you’re living in a film, or at least recall some scenes from your favourite flicks. A truly magical setting for their reception celebrations!

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After this, we all jumped into some taxi’s and headed over to The Rockefeller Center. Unfortunately because of the rain and mist the views were limited, however, we made the most of some lovely portrait opportunities inside the centre itself. One particular spot was a wall and ceiling of LED lights, which made for a really creative backdrop as Hayley and James had a moment together.

For the evening celebrations, we travelled by bus with the entire party on board to Gallow Green on 27th Street – a rustic Oasis style rooftop restaurant in New York, Chelsea. Hayley and James’ had booked an area with a fire pit and old train carriage with absolutely stunning evening views of a misty atmospheric cityscape. Pizza and drinks were served and speeches followed, ending the evening and topping off a truly perfect day.