wedding video, 10 reasons why you should have wedding video


Since joining the wedding industry as a filmmaker back in 2017 I’ve been able establish myself as a respected and reputable filmmaker in the industry. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time chipping away at improving my craft, building my brand and I have learnt some key lessons along the way.

If you are looking to level up your wedding film-making business, I’d love to share some of my knowledge to help fast track your success in the industry with some one to one mentoring.

My mentoring sessions can be completely tailored to your requirements, however some good starting points to focus on would be:

•Client Acquisition

•Client Communication

•Gear Choices

•Filming Breakdown

•Using Natural Light

•Editing + Colouring Workflow

•Audio Capture + EQ


•Marketing and Social Media

Mentoring sessions are held over Skype usually outside the peak wedding season.