Ada & Chidi’s wedding was held at the beautiful Froyle Park in Surrey. It was an absolute pleasure to capture their wedding videography. Froyle Park was styled beautifully by Ada and MyWek Gardens, you could see that lots of planning and attention to detail had gone into the decor for the ceremony and reception.

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Ada began bridal preparations at Froyle Park and Chidi had his groom preparations at a nearby hotel. Family and friends started to arrive early afternoon. Ada and Chidi then had a ceremony blessing in the main hall of Froyle Park with the Froyle Park Vicar. Followed by their reception in the gardens and the ballroom areas of Froyle Park. There was lots of laughter, dancing and fun, you could really feel the atmosphere in the air.

The ballroom at Froyle Park is an amazing setting and was really beautifully dressed. All of the guests filled the hall and they had a dance in appreciation for their mothers, the bridal party then danced their way into the main room. Then followed some amazing heartfelt speeches and prayers from close family and friends.

Ada & Chidi then partied the night away into the evening with a masquerade ball.