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A wedding day is more than just a beautiful occasion. It’s an act of love that ties two incredible people together. It’s a way to celebrate just how much they adore each other, surrounded by all of their friends and family. The feelings of love and laughter fill the air as the magic of film captures moments that you’re sure to cherish forever.

Are you currently planning your beautiful wedding abroad? If so, then know you’re making a great decision. I know it can be time-consuming and that there can be a lot of effort and expense involved when it comes to planning your destination wedding. However, I’m here to remind you that through the stress of it all - no moment should be taken for granted. That’s why I’m going to help you capture those truly precious moments through captivating storytelling.

I’ve travelled all over the globe - from the urban jungle of New York City, to tranquil French Cheateus bringing love stories to life in a natural and unobtrusive way. With all of my experience, I know now that quietly captured, creatively produced, luxurious destination wedding videography brings out raw and emotive wedding films that are timeless and contemporary. Especially when shot by an award-winning destination wedding videographerlike myself.

passion for the details

When it comes to destination wedding videography, my deep passion for sharing your story, your location, and the way you share love for one another allows me to creatively capture all of the little details, and exactly what makes you so unique.

A destination wedding can be somewhere you have previously been on holiday, or the location you got engaged in if you decided to pop the question whilst away. Regardless of where you want to share your special day, through my years of experience as a destination wedding videographer, you’ll notice that every frame shot within my destination wedding films are completely natural, with absolutely nothing staged.

Drawing on my many years of experience to stay in the background, my main focus is to keep everything uncontrived in the wedding video, avoiding anything manufactured.

why you should hire a wedding videographer?

The question of whether or not couples should hire a destination wedding videographer to capture their day continues to be one of the most common. And honestly? I completely understand!

When you hire both a photographer and a destination videographer, it can be costly. A cost that some couples might find hard to justify. But, after my years of experience and hearing from hundreds of couples, I can assure you that hiring a destination wedding videographer is one investment that couples will never come to regret.

After all, It’s a way to relive the beautiful memories over and over, a way to make your special day live on forever. Not just that, but by hiring a destination videographer, you’re also able to share the video with friends and family that unfortunately couldn’t make it. It allows them to revel in the emotions of the day as if they were there with you. Something that is not easy to achieve with wedding pictures alone.

destination wedding videos

Invite guests to virtually attend your wedding, and be part of the most intimate moments of your special day. Let them absorb the atmosphere of the celebration and smile at those memorable toasts.

There’s nothing like getting to hear your spouse read their vows to you in that exact moment, but when a destination videographer captures it on video, it’s a close second. I’m able to freeze that exact moment in time, in a way that photographs would never be able to capture.

Finally, you will be creating a family heirloom. An invaluable one that you’re able to pass down to your children and grandchildren one day. Your future family will get to witness the best day of your life in a much more personal and real way through the magic of wedding videography.

my passport is ready

As a destination wedding videographer, my goal is to create a memory that lasts a lifetime. From your beautiful destination, the floral arrangements, to those last-minute elegant touches to your centre pieces. You will be able to relive this day for years to come. You’ll be presented with an elegantly intertwined video that perfectly represents your unique moments. As each location I visit is unique to my eyes, I tend to notice things that someone local may not, and these little details, idiosyncrasies.

There’s a reason that I'm a multiple award-winning filmmakers; it’s the inspiration. There’s just something about creating destination wedding videographyinspires me the most. Maybe it’s the fact that I open myself up to experience a wide variety of beautiful cultures along the way? Or, simply because I love the fact that couples are brave enough to be a little bit more experimental with their location. Maybe it’s both?

A lot of wedding videographers out there will carry bags and bags of gear. However, my approach is a little different. Through the experience of travel, it’s been refined. Every single piece of equipment used can easily fit into just one bag I carry on my back. This not only means I’m able to move quicker to capture even more intimate moments, but it also means I’m open to travel anywhere in the world and deliver a consistent product for my beautiful couples, every single time.

Whether it’s a multiple-day event, or a single day celebration, I’m ready to capture not only the love you share for one another, but to intertwine beautiful cinematic location details into your love story. Are you thinking of a luxury coastal wedding? Or an elegant city wedding? Whatever you envision, I’d love to hear more about what you have planned.

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