Regarded as one of the best UK wedding videographers, my passion is to tell the story of the couple’s day through creative film. I want my couples to revisit the authentic wedding moments and hold them close to their hearts – those honest moments that would fade and be forgotten over time without being captured through filmmaking


My approach as one of the UK’s best wedding videographers is to be completely unobtrusive at your wedding. After all, your wedding isn’t the stage of a movie set. It is a cornerstone event in your life. And it’s an event you should be able to look back on and see in its natural form.

ashridge house wedding ceremony
ashridge house wedding portrait


I want your films to have a classic look so they stand the test of time. These films should draw out the real heart-felt and candid emotions and should be captured creatively and artistically. I’ve found through experience that the best approach is to let your wedding unfold organically without forced posing or staging: this can make your film look generic and bland and makes the work easy for the videographer. However, my approach means that your films will be completely unique to you as a couple. This approach requires a skilled, hard-working videographer with the ability to recognise and unobtrusively capture those stunning moments.

best aerial wedding filming, aerial wedding, drone wedding, best drone wedding
best aerial wedding filming, aerial wedding, drone wedding, best drone wedding


And it is through experience, too, that I’ve refined the gear I use to maximise creative results, but also to have the lightest footprint at your wedding event. This helps me go unnoticed and allows me to move quickly to capture the best moments without being held back by kit. All the equipment I use easily fits into the bag I carry on my back. This means I can travel anywhere in the world and deliver a consistent product for my couples every time.

best aerial wedding filming, aerial wedding, drone wedding, best drone wedding
best aerial wedding filming, aerial wedding, drone wedding, best drone wedding


Because I’m so passionate about filmmaking and telling beautiful stories, I want to make sure I exceed your expectations in how I capture your stories in the majesty and quality of the final product. The wedding day is such an important moment in your life. And I take immense pride in each and every wedding I have had the privilege of capturing.

I take on a limited number of weddings each year. This allows me to fully dedicate my craft to your videos in the delicate and all-important editing stages. My films look to encapsulate beautifully composed imagery together with an immersive audio soundscape that is a true testament to your wedding event. I want you to be proud of your wedding day and I want you to be able to show it with equal pride to generations to come.

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I’ve been fortunate enough to win some awards along the way. In 2020 I was highly commended by the wedding industry awards and 2019 saw me win the prestigious, internationally acclaimed IGHA award in the video category. I have also build an excellent reputation for high-quality results I continue to provide for my couples.

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