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Aerial Wedding Drone Filming


Take a look at our latest aerial drone wedding showreel for 2018. We’ve had a busy year filming weddings across the UK and one of the services that we offer that has been very popular is aerial drone filming. As well as filming with ground based cameras we are also licensed by the CAA and insured to operate aerial drones. For us it is all about telling the story of your wedding day, and we believe that aerial filming, if used correctly. It can add to your film and create some really dramatic cinematic shots. We’re highly experienced drone pilots and have over 5 years flight experience using drones. Drone shots are ideal if you have a stunning venue, like a manor house or barn style wedding venue. It’s lovely to have establishing shots as the film opens showing the venue and surrounding areas, it really allows you to be immersed in the atmosphere of the location.

As the way we work on a wedding day is very unobtrusive, we wont fly our drone over the guests at the reception. Instead we’ll plan our shots and use the drone as a fantastic filming making tool to take your wedding film to the next level. For more information about adding aerial drone filming to your film collection, feel free to drop us an email. Take a look at the video below of our favourite aerial drone wedding shots of the year.